the history

The series, Kimi ni Todoke was originally a oneshot to be presented at the end of her finished series, Crazy for You. After finishing the oneshot, she was asked to come up with a new idea for her next series. However she could not come up with another fresh idea, thus she decided to lengthen the oneshot to a series. She decided to use another oneshot of hers to put at the end of Crazy for You instead.

The oneshot, of course, became Episode 0: Prologue in the first volume. I think the ending for the prologue is very fitting if Kimi ni Todoke stayed as a oneshot. I found it quite amusing and very entertaining to see how Shiina Karuho changed the circumstances for our leading boy and girl in the first chapter. If the series stayed as a oneshot, I would have loved it the way it was. However, I am very glad she decided to make it into a series! ♥

Kimi ni Todoke has been published in Shueisha's Bessatsu Margaret magazine since 2005. The series was placed into hiatus to allow Shiina Karuho to have her baby. It was placed into hiatus from February 2009 to September 2009, however the series has returned in the October issue of the magazine. Currently there is a total of eleven volumes out in Japan. Kimi ni Todoke has won Best Shoujo Manga award in the 32nd Annual Kodansha Manga Awards. The series has also been adapted into an anime in October 2009.

the basic story

As Kuronuma Sawako starts high school, all of the students avoided her because they were actually afraid of her. Due to the fact of her pale skin and black hair, her teachers and classmates mistakes her for a horror film character and even calls her Sadako, believing it was actually her name. Bad luck revolves around her, the rumors say. However, in reality, Sawako is just an ordinary schoolgirl, seeking for friendship, as any other girl trying to get by high school. She is a kind-hearted, innocent gal with ambitions.

When Kazehaya Shouta, a classmate Sawako finds as a role model, overhears that Sawako believes Shota is "100% refreshing" and "made out of cheerfulness", events turn a bit for our protagonist. She slowly starts to make new friends and open up to her classmates, all thanks to Shouta's exhilirating and open nature towards Sawako. Not only that, but Sawako actually meets some rivals as well! A love story is blooming behind all this friendship business between our two protagonists.

the mangaka

NAME: 椎名軽穂 (Shiina Karuho)
BIRTHDATE: October 23
GENDER: Female
HOMETOWN: Hokkaido, Japan
OTHER WORKS: Crazy for You, Koi ni Ochiru

Shiina Karuho is married. She has just given birth (which she declared a hiatus on her ongoing works during that period of time). Before the release of Kimi ni Todoke, Shiina Karuho was probably well known for her other series, Crazy for You. She has created many oneshots, and nowadays, she is probably most well known for the featured series of this tribute.

I think Shiina Karuho usually tries her best to create fresh ideas when she creates new stories. She does not like to see the same stories repeated over and over in her works. When coming up for the idea of Kimi ni Todoke, Shiina wanted to make a light, happy story unlike Crazy for You, a "dark and intense" story. It made her gloomy as she wrote that series. Thus, she wanted to create a story about an introverted heroine and a nice boy.